Your texts don’t align with your RectTransforms configuration? Tick the “Align By Geometry” option ;) (I know, I wish I had discovered it earlier too…) #GameDev #Unity3D #UnityTips #UI https://t.co/7biY1pAahr

@FanghGD Note that you can optimize it by using the SetFloat method with parameter ID instead of name. Use Animator.StringToHash to get the ID from the name: https://t.co/Obrk4DuKBn 🤔 This could make a good #UnityTips for next week

Did you know you could manually define your own sprite atlases? It’s a bit more work but it gives you much more control over your builds content than the legacy sprite packing system! https://t.co/doezriwgmC #UnityTips #GameDev https://t.co/PImjXMDeDM

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