Unity3D official video tutorials

You heard about Unity and want to try it but don’t know where to start?
You missed some important features that your game needs?
Or maybe you just want to see how this thing works and if it’s really as amazing as people say?

Well you can stop searching, Unity recently added a set of very clear and well sorted tutorial videos on their official video channel:  http://video.unity3d.com/channel/1649856/tutorials (videos are listed in reverse order)
Enjoy and please tell us if you decided to build your next game with Unity or not!

Oh and don’t forget to check the Unity3D beginner tips!

Unity3D beginner tips

Here’s a list of useful tips/tutorials/advice for Unity3D beginners I gathered for several weeks.
I’ll list the main chapters of each topic so you can have a good vision of what it’s about.
Hope it would help/convince you to join our growing community!

Don’t forget to look at the link lists in the right menu to find tones of other references. 😉

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Secure your Unity3D web applications

One of the uncountable advantages of Unity3D is the ease to deploy and host web applications.

The counter part of it is the ease to find and copy your web application files and host it somewhere else…

Tom Higgins from Unity, is talking about it in this “Unite 07 Dev for Web” video (shift to the 18th minute if you want to skip the general web development discussion).

So here’s a little script implementing his first recommendation. It allows you to define the authorized “contexts” (context = application absolute URL + unity3d file relative path) for your application so that no one but you will be able to host and run it. As soon as the script detects an unauthorized context, it will load the scene you specified.

You’ll find the source code below. Please comment if you spot anything unoptimized/bugged/uggly 🙂

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Using UltraEdit for UniScript/Unity3D JavaScript programming

As everybody starting programming for Unity3D, I’ve quickly riched the limits of the built-in IDE/code editor (UniScite).

I’ve tested every known solutions I found on Unity3D forums and related websites  for editing Unity3D scripts and I must admit I haven’t found any satisfaying one yet : (

As my first love (therefore my strongest love) in IDE world is UltraEdit, I decided to work on another solution to use it for my Unity3D programming.

The major features I want when programming for Unity3D are:

ease of use (this one is mainly a matter of personnal preference)

syntax highlighting (based on UltraEdit wordfile system)

code auto-completion (based on UltraEdit wordfile system)

– Unity3D console double click redirecting to the buggy line (this one is still missing in my solution 🙁 any help on that would be great!)

UltraEdit wordfile is basically a pretty simple and opened system allowing user to define a set of keywords associated to a programming language (more details here).

So I simply added to the default JavaScript wordfile the Unity3D specific keywords I extracted from the unitykeywords.properties UniScite file (you can find it in your UniScite installation directory, by default: C:Program FilesUnityEditorDataToolsUniSciTEunitykeywords.properties).

After a bit of formatting/regexping, here is the resulting file.

See this page to know how to add/use it with UltraEdit.

And don’t hesitate to post your questions/comments below! 😉

Great BurgZergArcade’s Hack&Slash RPG tutorial

Thanks to twitter, I found a very interesting and complete video tutorial covering development of a hack&slash game using Unity3D.

The video series can be found on BurgZergArcade’s blog or from BurgZergArcade’s youtube channel (you can also subscribe to it 🙂 ).

And if you want to support the author of this tutorial or simply want the code of the project, you can buy it here (really worth the 10$).

Here is the first video of the series:

Other Unity3D tutorial videos can be found in their Unity3D tutorial section.


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