[FR] Présentation technique de Dungeon of the Endless

(Un petit post en français pour une fois ^^)

Je n’en ai pas encore parlé sur ce blog mais depuis avril 2013 j’ai quitté Ubisoft pour rejoindre Amplitude Studios en tant que lead programmer Unity3D sur le projet Dungeon of the Endless.

Petit rappel pour les incultes : Dungeon of the Endless est un savant mélange entre rogue-like, tower-defense et RPG dans lequel vous et votre équipe de héros devrez parcourir un donjon infesté de créatures malfaisantes à la recherche de la sortie afin de sauver votre crystal, source d’énergie indispensable à votre survie.

Voici nos vidéos teaser/trailer qui devraient vous donner une meilleure idée :

A l’occasion du Meetup Unity3D #5 spécial jeux vidéo organisé par BeMyApp et l’ISART Digital, j’ai présenté quelques détails techniques sur le développement de Dungeon of the Endless sur lequel je suis lead programmer Unity3D depuis avril 2013 chez Amplitude Studios.

Voici donc les les slides de ma présentation dans laquelle j’aborde nos techniques de rendu mixant pixel-art, ombres dynamiques et effets “HD” ainsi que le fonctionnement de notre générateur semi-procédural de donjons.

N’hésitez pas si vous avez des questions à les poster en commentaire en dessous de cet article 😉

Procedural art in Love

A too short but very interesting Edge interview of Eskil Steenberg, the creator of Love, on why and how he used procedurally generated art:

I particularly liked the anecdote about NPCs being treated like humans by players once he implemented the waving gestures. He already talked about it during his presentation about AI in Love at last year’s Game/AI Conference.

Interstellar Marines also on Steam Greenlight!

I already talked about the Interstellar Marines project in a previous post, check it if you don’t know it yet.

You can also have a look at their website if you want to know more about it and test their demos.

Well, they have submitted their game to the now famous Greenlight initiative on Steam.

You can vote for them at this URL:

Receiver news and updates

Receiver has been updated with some nice new features like flashlight, Smith&Wesson Model 10 revolver and Glock 17. The weapon reload/safety/trigger hanling is still very realistic and complete.

The game also has been submitted to Steam Greenlight, you can vote for it here:

And last but not least: the Unity3D project source code is now available on github:

Yes, those Wolfire guys are really amazing. Check out their blog for news about Receiver and their main project named “Overgrowth”.

Dédale going on Steam!

Sergey Mohov, AKA @krides, is currently pushing his much addictive Unity powered puzzle game named Dédale on Steam.

The game is currently available on the Apple Asset Store, if you have an iPhone and haven’t already try it, you should, it’s definitely worth the 99 cents!

Dédale is now in the “Steam Greenlight” process and needs every vote available to get published ASAP!

So click on the link below, get logged in and vote for it! Thanks for him 😉

Advanced network coding for Unity3D

If you don’t know it yet, you should take a look at uLink, an awesome plugin enhancing network coding for Unity3D (because, yes, the default Unity3D networking API is not that good).

They work on some well known titles like Battlestar Galactica MMO (Bigpoint), ShadowGun (Madfingers) and Interstellar Marines (Zero Point Software) which I already talked about in this post.

Check out their website, I’ll post more technical details soon.

Receiver: Wolfire Games’ 7DFPS entry

Wolfire Games, the indie company behind Overgrowth, have participated to the 7DFPS challenge (7 days for a first person shooter game) and produced a very original and interesting prototype called “Receiver”.

Here is the pitch:

Receiver was created for the 7-day FPS challenge to explore gun handling mechanics, randomized levels, and unordered storytelling. Armed only with a Colt 1911 A1 and an audiocassette player, you must uncover the secrets of the Mindkill in a building complex infested with automated turrets and hovering shock drones.

Check out the game trailer :

And the now typical “Art Asset Overview” video by Aubrey Serr, Wolfire Games’ lead artist:

As always, very inspiring and documented stuff to watch.

More details about Receiver can be found here:

Indie Game: The Movie, a telling of the modern David vs. Goliath

If you have any sort of passion for video games, you really can’t miss this long anticipated documentary about the great indie game devs behind Super Meat BoyBraid and Fez.

Even if sometimes it sounds over dramatic, it will show you what it really takes to compete (and win) against the huge established firms that rule today’s video game industry.

Those guys have lived a daily nightmare for several years to achieve their childhood dream but they eventually made it for our greatest pleasure, and that’s why they deserve our love and this movie.

As much as the movie deserves its $9.99, so buy it and watch it asap!

If you are still not convinced, check out the trailer:

Already watched it? What did you think?

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