Final part of 41 post’s “JavaScript vs. C#” series

Following my previous post about it, here is the last part dealing with ray casting in Unity3d and giving an interesting conclusion about why to choose one language or the other.

This is pretty much what you will find on forums and other sources about C# VS JavaScript.

Here are some pieces of it:

[…] people that are beginning to grasp the basic concepts of programming, or just started programming games recently or are new to Unity3D, should stick with JavaScript, because they will have less to worry about[…]

[…] For the folks who have some programming baggage with C#, C++ or Java and some experience with game programming in these languages: go directly to C#.

Unity3D Asset Store web access

If (like me) you’re working behind a proxy and thus cannot access the asset store from Unity3D’s editor (no way to configure any proxy), here is a way to partially deal with it: simply access the asset store from your browser (which must have the proxy configuration set of course) !

Try this: (you will need your credentials)

“Partially” because you will only be able to browse the packages but not to download it 🙁

HTTPS access has been removed and I’ve no other solution 🙁

And by the way, as mentioned in the last unity3D blog post, a bunch of new assets have been added to the Art packages category, check it out!

The importance of models scaling in Unity3D

I already read about it in the 4th issue of Unity Creative magazine (“The importance of scale by Thomas Pasieka” chapter) and recently, the3Dninja posted an interesting video about effects of model scaling on Unity3D rendering:

Basically the main idea is : always adjust the scaling of your model in your 3D modeling application instead of changing the scaling in Unity3D and keep it to (1, 1, 1) 🙂

This is IMO an important knowledge that every modeler working with Unity3D should be aware of in order to guaranty optimization and collaboration with programmers effectiveness.

Interesting Unity3D programming blog spotted : “41 Post”

Found some really interesting articles on the “41 post” blog, wanted to share it.

First one explaining how to access a C# script from a Javascript class and the other way around:

Unity3D: JavaScript->C# or C#->JavaScript access

Next one is a series of articles exposing the major differences between Javascript and C# programming in Unity3D:

Unity3D: JavaScript vs. C# – Part 1
Unity3D: JavaScript vs. C# – Part 2
Unity3D: JavaScript vs. C# – Part 3
Unity3D: JavaScript vs. C# – Part 4
Unity3D: JavaScript vs. C# – Part 5

Many thanks to DimasTheDriver!

Update: added Part 5

iTween + A* Pathfinding = <3

When pixelplacement’s iTween meets Aron Granberg’s A* Pathfinding, you get a quick demo of what you can achieve with powerful and easy to use tools.

With just 2 little scripts (basically 2 function calls, one for each tool), I easily managed to set a typical path finding system.

Try the Web Player version (86 Ko).

And here is the project sources (1.5 Mo).

Check comments in the Player.cs and KeyPoint.cs scripts for more details about this implementation.

Big up to Bob “pixelplacement” Berkebile and Aron Granberg for their work! o//

Edit : opened a thread on Unity3D “showcase” forum:*-Pathfinding-lt-3

“Agile” : my first Unity3D mini game

Here is a first mini game I developed using Unity3D during the past few days.

It’s pretty much a mix between a FPS and a platformer game.

The 2 first levels are more tutorials than real challenges but you’ll have to be “Agile” to achieve a good score on level 3! ^^

Don’t expect too much visually, as I only used basic primitives for level design.

You can try the Web Player version (130 Ko).

Can’t wait for your feedbacks!

Edit : opened a thread on Unity3D “showcase” forum:

A bunch of useful links!

You’ll find on the right side of this new blog a first list of links I used to learn the basics about Unity3D game engine.

I’ll try to maintain this list as much as possible in the future.

Don’t hesitate to propose other ones in your comments!

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