Game development passionate, I’m specialized in Unity3D with a strong web development background.

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  1. Richard Reply

    Hi developer!,
    sorry for the trouble, but I was playing with Unity3d kuta and I’m experimenting with physics ..
    I’m creating a physics simulation with the boxs, but still have the problem That the collider penetrated between them.

    I was wondering if you also have encountered this problem

    More or less I have a situation like yours only more boxes that are in a parent container with rigidBody …

    I know I have a box collider unit of measurement scales (1,1,1), and as the father of Object game with a rigidbody That form different pieces.

    I have created a Game Object gravity and form a wall That Expands to Y, every now and then if the load is heavy boxes penetrated each other trembling ..

    setting the parameters That I read on the blog, the situation is resolved to bits but the tremors are over When the load is higher than the bottom ..

    What can I do to prevent it from entering the collider boxs?

    I can not find a solution ..

    The Utilized this: # http://wiki.unity3d.com/index.php?title=DontGoThroughThings C.23_-_DontGoThroughThings.js

    but without success

    sorry for my english


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