Unpacking my stuff

How good it feels to have my own place šŸ™‚ (for those who didn’t follow the story, I moved from my old wp.com hosted blog to this one, on my own domain and that is cooler than Fonzie)

I hope you’ll enjoy it as I do! Now I’ll be able to add more plugins (unity web players, etc) and customize the whole site with flowers, stars, flying hearts around the mouse cursor and Justin Bieber/lolcats backgrounds.

Lovely <3

PS: links categories are pretty messy (damn wp blogroll importer) but I’ll try to fix it this week…

Unity3D & HTTP/HTTPS proxy: problem solved! o/

As I alreadyĀ mentionedĀ in a previous post, accessing Unity3D Asset Store or checking for editor updates seemed impossible when working behind a webĀ proxy (like most of people at work I guess)…

Well you can now forget it as Rob Rolleston has given me the solution in his reply on Unity3D “support” forum: you have to set the correct Windows user environment variables for Unity3D to know how to access the web (don’t know how it works for MacOS users…).

Those variables are the following and should match this pattern:

  • HTTP_proxy = <http proxy ip/url>:<http proxy port>
  • HTTPS_proxy = <https proxy ip/url>:<https proxy port>

If you wonder how to add user env variables, well… LMGTFY šŸ˜€

Thanks again to Rob and enjoy asset store from work! o/

PS: don’t forget to restart Unity3D editor after setting up the user environment variables!

PS2: some users may also need to restart Windows (or at least close/reopen their session) for the changes to be applied

Working on UnityTextScene for Unity 3.2…

I’m currently working on a Unity 3.2 compliant version of theĀ UnityTextScene plugin.

This plugin allows you to work with text-based scene files, which is very useful when it comes to share scenes via a source control system (like SVN for instance).

Indeed, scenes are by default stored in binary files by Unity editor. Thus, it can’t be “diffed” or merged like a script for example.

With UnityTextScene plugin, this will be possible… well once it will be fixed to run under Unity 3(.2) šŸ™‚

To be continued…

A* Pathfinding compatibility issues with Unity 3.2: no problemo

If you’re using A* Pathfinding project and just updated your Unity editor to the 3.2 version, you will notice 3 errors in your consoleĀ that were not there before:

Assets/Editor/AstarPathEditor.cs(372,59): error CS0122: `UnityEditor.EditorStyles.notificationBackground’ is inaccessible due to its protection level

Assets/Editor/AstarPathEditor.cs(372,35): error CS1502: The best overloaded method match for `UnityEngine.GUILayout.Button(UnityEngine.GUIContent, params UnityEngine.GUILayoutOption[])’ has some invalid arguments

Assets/Editor/AstarPathEditor.cs(372,35): error CS1503: Argument `#2′ cannot convert `object’ expression to type `UnityEngine.GUILayoutOption[]’

Well, don’t panic, here is a quick fix that will save your day you some minutes^^:

In the Assets/Editor/AstarPathEditor.cs file,Ā line 372, replace

GUILayout.Button (co,EditorStyles.notificationBackground);


GUILayout.Button (co);

Save the file and go back to Unity editor: simple, right? you’re welcome XD

New version of the iTween+AStar test project

Here is a sexier version of the test project mixing iTween and AStar tools (see first post about it).

iTween configuration has been tweaked to fit a more realistic trajectory (player’s orientation is better than previous version butĀ still not totally satisfying).

Below the interesting part of the main script (Player.cs):

iTween.MoveTo(gameObject, iTween.Hash


“path”, path,

“orienttopath”, true,

“looktime”, 1.0,

“lookahead”, 0.05,

“axis”, “y”,

“easetype”, iTween.EaseType.linear,

“time”, iTween.PathLength(path) / moveSpeed,

“oncomplete”, “OnMoveComplete”


See iTween.MoveTo method’s documentation for more details about parameters.

It also uses the soldier model from the Unity3D “Bootcamp” demo and its animations, that’s why the web player build and project archive are a bit heavier than before ^^;

Try theĀ Web Player version (4.4 Mo) and/or download theĀ project sources (24.6 Mo).

Agile 0.2

Here is aĀ new version of the game (to know about starting of this project, check theĀ first post about it)Ā including several new levels and some improves/fixes on existing ones.

I don’t think I will continue developing it as I have other projects in mind now and that was just a first try anyway.

If anyone wants to give it a try or just have a look at the code behind it, I’ll be glad to share it šŸ˜‰

Using UltraEdit for UniScript/Unity3D JavaScript programming

As everybody starting programming for Unity3D, I’ve quickly riched the limits of the built-in IDE/code editor (UniScite).

I’ve tested every known solutions I found on Unity3D forums and related websites Ā for editing Unity3D scripts and I must admit I haven’t found any satisfaying one yet : (

As my first love (therefore my strongest love) in IDE world is UltraEdit, I decided to work on another solution to use it for my Unity3D programming.

The major features I want when programming for Unity3D are:

ease of use (this one is mainly a matter of personnal preference)

syntax highlighting (based on UltraEdit wordfile system)

codeĀ auto-completion (based on UltraEdit wordfile system)

–Ā Unity3D console double click redirecting to the buggy line (this one is still missing in my solution šŸ™ any help on that would be great!)

UltraEdit wordfile is basicallyĀ a pretty simple and opened system allowing user to define a set of keywords associated to a programming language (more details here).

So I simply added to theĀ default JavaScript wordfile the Unity3D specific keywords I extracted from theĀ unitykeywords.properties UniSciteĀ file (you can find it in yourĀ UniSciteĀ installation directory, by default:Ā C:Program FilesUnityEditorDataToolsUniSciTEunitykeywords.properties).

After a bit of formatting/regexping, here is the resulting file.

See this page to know how to add/use it with UltraEdit.

And don’t hesitate to post your questions/comments below! šŸ˜‰

New post format / 5 more hours per day could help…

I must face the truth, I don’t have enough time to update this blog on a daily basis and Unity3D’s community activity is growing exponentially these days (and that’s a damn good thing!)…

So I’ll try another formula and post weekly updates containing all the worthy links I spotted on twitter or around the web about Unity3D and game programming.

Let start with tutorials and magazines:

  • 5th issue of Unity CreativeĀ magazineĀ is out!

New prefabs and plugins:

  • New UnityMagic prefab:Ā IRC chat (only 6ā‚¬!)
  • PlayModePersistplugin: keep the changes you made during play mode after stopping it!
  • StressBall plugin by pixel placement (creator of iTween): a (free) mini game inside Unity3D’s interface to help you waiting during computation

And games using Unity3D:

Please comment below and tell me what you think about this new post format šŸ˜‰

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