Kuta reviewed by EDGE!

Last week, I was surprised to see my mailbox spammed by Kuta’s monitoring system emails (yes, BB is watching you ^^). Hundreds of players were suddenly playing Kuta on Kongregate!

I soon realized all those guys came from the website of the UK famous magazine “EDGE”.

Chris Donlan reviewed Kuta in their weekly “Friday Game” post entitled “GFX47’s playful physics makes destruction a surprisingly creative process”.

I’m really happy with the content of this article as I didn’t have to pay anybody and however it captures so well the different aspects of the game.

Kuta works so well, I think, for two main reasons. Firstly, it manages to make destruction feel like a surprisingly creative process, by giving you a handful of smart complications to stop your goal from being too straightforward. Secondly, the game’s physics allow you to experiment almost endlessly with the same arrangement of pieces, changing your brick selection, say, or altering the order in which you remove them from the wall. Kuta’s stuffed full of different levels, then, but you can spend a good portion of a lunch break fiddling around with just one. Try it out for yourself and you’ll soon see what I mean.

A good pitch for a game is really hard to find but I think I found a perfect one 🙂

Another interesting fact is that players coming from this website tend to spend more time on the game and come back to replay more often than players before that.

Motivation is back and now is time for new levels crafting!

Brace yourself, Unity 4 is coming…

Here is the news of the day: David Helgason (CEO) and Joachim Ante (CTO) announced the upcoming release of Unity 4 in their latest youtube video.

This major update will introduce 2 huge features:

First, “Mecanim”, their new character animation system featuring AAA quality functionalities like blend trees and state machines editor, dynamic animation retargeting, etc. More details in this video:

Another big step for Unity toward the AAA scene when you add to it improved lightmapping, DirectX 11 and shader model 5 support.

And the other long awaited feature, “La surprise du chef”, is LINUX DEPLOYMENT!!!

Potentially a long term relief for projects having to handle Unity based game servers… (only possible on windows platform until today)

More details about Unity 4 on the official homepage/slideshow, the marketwire post and the official FAQ.

Indie Game: The Movie, a telling of the modern David vs. Goliath

If you have any sort of passion for video games, you really can’t miss this long anticipated documentary about the great indie game devs behind Super Meat BoyBraid and Fez.

Even if sometimes it sounds over dramatic, it will show you what it really takes to compete (and win) against the huge established firms that rule today’s video game industry.

Those guys have lived a daily nightmare for several years to achieve their childhood dream but they eventually made it for our greatest pleasure, and that’s why they deserve our love and this movie.

As much as the movie deserves its $9.99, so buy it and watch it asap!

If you are still not convinced, check out the trailer:

Already watched it? What did you think?

New games added to the Humble Indie Bundle V!

Last week, when the 5th iteration of the awesome Humble Indie Bundle was announced, it already contained a bunch of great games:

  • Amnesia: The Dark Descent
  • Psychonauts
  • Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP
  • Bastion

But that was not enough and yesterday they added 3 other amazing games:

For only $8.14 (or more if you are a good person), you can get all those games, make a donation to charity associations and support indie game developers.

If you have any excuse left for not buying it, post it in the comments (I dare you!).

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