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Unity3D beginner tips

Here’s a list of useful tips/tutorials/advice for Unity3D beginners I gathered for several weeks.
I’ll list the main chapters of each topic so you can have a good vision of what it’s about.
Hope it would help/convince you to join our growing community!

Don’t forget to look at the link lists in the right menu to find tones of other references. 😉

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Secure your Unity3D web applications

One of the uncountable advantages of Unity3D is the ease to deploy and host web applications.

The counter part of it is the ease to find and copy your web application files and host it somewhere else…

Tom Higgins from Unity, is talking about it in this “Unite 07 Dev for Web” video (shift to the 18th minute if you want to skip the general web development discussion).

So here’s a little script implementing his first recommendation. It allows you to define the authorized “contexts” (context = application absolute URL + unity3d file relative path) for your application so that no one but you will be able to host and run it. As soon as the script detects an unauthorized context, it will load the scene you specified.

You’ll find the source code below. Please comment if you spot anything unoptimized/bugged/uggly 🙂

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Kuta is on!

I recently registered an account on and uploaded the early verison of Kuta.

It’s playable here :

I was pretty surprised to see it has been played more than 4000 times in less than 5 days! Which is pretty encouraging and motivating 🙂

Players’ feedbacks were very interesting and I updated the game with there most wanted features (in-game back to menu button, shorter brick disappearance and bug fix on score submission).

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Unpacking my stuff

How good it feels to have my own place 🙂 (for those who didn’t follow the story, I moved from my old hosted blog to this one, on my own domain and that is cooler than Fonzie)

I hope you’ll enjoy it as I do! Now I’ll be able to add more plugins (unity web players, etc) and customize the whole site with flowers, stars, flying hearts around the mouse cursor and Justin Bieber/lolcats backgrounds.

Lovely <3

PS: links categories are pretty messy (damn wp blogroll importer) but I’ll try to fix it this week…

Unity3D & HTTP/HTTPS proxy: problem solved! o/

As I already mentioned in a previous post, accessing Unity3D Asset Store or checking for editor updates seemed impossible when working behind a web proxy (like most of people at work I guess)…

Well you can now forget it as Rob Rolleston has given me the solution in his reply on Unity3D “support” forum: you have to set the correct Windows user environment variables for Unity3D to know how to access the web (don’t know how it works for MacOS users…).

Those variables are the following and should match this pattern:

  • HTTP_proxy = <http proxy ip/url>:<http proxy port>
  • HTTPS_proxy = <https proxy ip/url>:<https proxy port>

If you wonder how to add user env variables, well… LMGTFY 😀

Thanks again to Rob and enjoy asset store from work! o/

PS: don’t forget to restart Unity3D editor after setting up the user environment variables!

PS2: some users may also need to restart Windows (or at least close/reopen their session) for the changes to be applied

Working on UnityTextScene for Unity 3.2…

I’m currently working on a Unity 3.2 compliant version of the UnityTextScene plugin.

This plugin allows you to work with text-based scene files, which is very useful when it comes to share scenes via a source control system (like SVN for instance).

Indeed, scenes are by default stored in binary files by Unity editor. Thus, it can’t be “diffed” or merged like a script for example.

With UnityTextScene plugin, this will be possible… well once it will be fixed to run under Unity 3(.2) 🙂

To be continued…

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