Kuta incoming updates

Here is a quick overview of the “works in progress” on the Kuta project.

Reminder: Kuta is currently deployed in its 0.3.2 version and can be played on:

This multiple hosting deployment coupled with the new tracking system has been very time consuming during the latest weeks but it’s finally done and now I can focus again on game and level design.

By the way, since the tracking system is in place, approximately 1600 players tried to break more than 35000 walls!

Now, here are the changes scheduled for 0.3.3 (green is done, red is “todo”):

  • GUI revamp (better pixel “art” mainly)
  • Return of the rank unlock mechanism (each group of level needs a certain amount of stars to be unlocked)
  • Return of Kongregate statistics integration (level highscores, max combo, broken brick count, etc)
  • New tutorial levels about the red bricks
  • More levels to complete rank #3 (levels 3-1 to 3-9)
  • Backend monitoring tools and statistics improvements

And here are some screenshots of the ongoing tasks :

Don’t forget you can support this project (and the others waiting to get some of my spare time) with a small (OR HUGE!) donation.

It would help a lot to have a pro license ($1500 for the record ^^)…

Stay tuned for more updates on Kuta!

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