Indie Game: The Movie, a telling of the modern David vs. Goliath

If you have any sort of passion for video games, you really can’t miss this long anticipated documentary about the great indie game devs behind Super Meat BoyBraid and Fez.

Even if sometimes it sounds over dramatic, it will show you what it really takes to compete (and win) against the huge established firms that rule today’s video game industry.

Those guys have lived a daily nightmare for several years to achieve their childhood dream but they eventually made it for our greatest pleasure, and that’s why they deserve our love and this movie.

As much as the movie deserves its $9.99, so buy it and watch it asap!

If you are still not convinced, check out the trailer:

Already watched it? What did you think?

4 Responses to Indie Game: The Movie, a telling of the modern David vs. Goliath
  1. GFX47 Reply

    Adding an interesting interview of the movie producers:

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  3. Marvin Sorensen Reply

    I really enjoyed this movie, a lot. It was motivational and inspiring. It was very emotional to see each dev pour their hearts and soul into a project. As many avid game players do I am also aspiring to be a game developer. The only gripe I had with this movie was that it didn’t show any failures. Besides having the threat of failure looming, which I suppose was true for all of them. I suppose with a failure it could have changed the movie and really been disheartening.

    • GFX47 Reply

      True! …well maybe not totally, I remember Edmund McMillen (one of the two guys behind Super Meat Boy) talking about it’s previous game projects that didn’t really have any real success.
      But I think the worst part is that MOST of these indie guys DO fail.
      But their respective successes are very inspiring indeed 🙂

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