Unity3D beginner tips

Here’s a list of useful tips/tutorials/advice for Unity3D beginners I gathered for several weeks.
I’ll list the main chapters of each topic so you can have a good vision of what it’s about.
Hope it would help/convince you to join our growing community!

Don’t forget to look at the link lists in the right menu to find tones of other references. 😉

Unity Fundamentals tutorial videos

A great set of tutorial videos teaching you the basics of Unity3D editor and scripting.
Start here if you’re completely new to Unity3D.

First drop of DOWNLOADABLE videos

  • Section 1 – Introduction
  • Section 2 – Terminology
  • Section 3 – Our First Level

Second drop of DOWNLOADABLE videos

  • Section 4 – Primary Interface
  • Section 5 – Secondary Interface
  • Section 6 – Customizing the User Interface
  • Section 7 – Working with Game Objects
  • Section 8 – Working with Prefabs
  • Section 9 – Working with Packages
  • Section 10 – Snapping
  • Section 11 – Tags and Layers
  • Section 12 – Cameras

10 things to know before coding

Read this just before typing your first line of code, it will prevent you from doing the classic rookie mistakes.


  • Naming variables as myFooBar instead of my_foo_bar.
  • Be careful at operating transform.localPosition directly.
  • Public variable are also available for animation view.
  • Inherit is great, and GetComponent.<base_class>() works well!
  • Invoke, yield is affect by timeScale.
  • Instantiate() may cause performance issue for big amount of spawns.
  • The difference between Awake() and Start()
  • List<T> can be exposed in the Inspector but Dictionary<K,V> can’t.
  • You can reference Components in a GameObject instead of the GameObject itself.
  • #pragma strict

Unity3DTutorial blog posts

Using Keyboard Input to Move Objects or Characters in Unity 3

  • Moving a Character or Object Using Input Based Movement
  • Using Keyboard Input in Unity
  • Moving in 3d Space Instead of 2d

Unity 3 Javascript Tutorial – Scripting Basics

  • Javascript Variables in Unity 3
  • Common Variable Types in Unity 3
  • Javascript Dynamic Variable Typing
  • Javascript Arrays in Unity
  • Javsascript Built In Arrays in Unity 3
  • Putting it All Together and Using Javascript in Unity
  • Javascript Practice Challenge

Dealing With Directions & Movement In Unity 3

  • Useful Scripts For Dealing With Direction in Unity 3
  • Move an Object In the Direction You Are Currently Facing
  • Move an Object In the Direction Of the World Space
  • Determine the Distance Between 2 Objects
  • Rotate an Object Around An Axis
  • Rotate an Object to Look At Another Object
  • Create a Vector From 2 Vectors
  • Find The Location Of An Object Relative to the Current Object
  • Rotate an Object to a Specific Angle in Degrees

Troubleshooting rigidbodies

The physics engine is one of the best features in Unity3D but when starting your first projects, it can be a real pain in the *** if you missed anything from the doc about colliders, rigidbodies and triggers.
Read this one if you’re starting to get headaches.

Unity3D: Troubleshooting Rigidbody problems

  • Gameobjects are interpenetrating each other
  • Gameobject with attached Rigidbody can’t be controlled or moved by any script
  • Controllable Character totally/partially ignores the Rigidbody
  • Rigidbody needs to be controlled through user input, but Unity3D doesn’t allow the Rigidbody and Character Controller components in the same Gameobject.
  • Controllable character can’t stand on top of a Rigidbody or can’t use it as a platform
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  1. Ryan @ Unity3DTutorial Reply


    Thanks for the links! I’ve been pretty busy so I havn’t had a chance to add any new tutorials recently but I have quite a few in the works.

    I played your brick breaker game on kongregate a while back – nice work! Simple but effective.


    • GFX47 Reply

      Ok keep me posted!
      Thanks for Kuta, it was a wip version, I’m working on a better one with protect/destroy gameplays mixed and hosted on facebook to implement and test virality features.

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