Kuta is on Kongregate.com!

I recently registered an account on Kongregate.com and uploaded the early verison of Kuta.

It’s playable here : http://www.kongregate.com/games/GFX47/kuta

I was pretty surprised to see it has been played more than 4000 times in less than 5 days! Which is pretty encouraging and motivating 🙂

Players’ feedbacks were very interesting and I updated the game with there most wanted features (in-game back to menu button, shorter brick disappearance and bug fix on score submission).

Next steps are:

extending the gameplay (more based on player’s skill than randomly picked bricks)

– creating an achievement system allowing to unlock new levels

– working on sound effects and BGMs

– creating a Facebook application to host the game and integrate major features like score publishing, friends invites, etc

– integration of the Kongregate client API for statistics, achievements and score publishing

I hope I’ll be able to work on it this week and give you some updates.

Don’t forget to retweet/share/rate/comment the blog with the brand new buttons right below and the game on kongregate.com! 😉

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