New post format / 5 more hours per day could help…

I must face the truth, I don’t have enough time to update this blog on a daily basis and Unity3D’s community activity is growing exponentially these days (and that’s a damn good thing!)…

So I’ll try another formula and post weekly updates containing all the worthy links I spotted on twitter or around the web about Unity3D and game programming.

Let start with tutorials and magazines:

  • 5th issue of Unity Creative magazine is out!

New prefabs and plugins:

  • New UnityMagic prefab: IRC chat (only 6€!)
  • PlayModePersistplugin: keep the changes you made during play mode after stopping it!
  • StressBall plugin by pixel placement (creator of iTween): a (free) mini game inside Unity3D’s interface to help you waiting during computation

And games using Unity3D:

Please comment below and tell me what you think about this new post format 😉

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